Golf for Autistic Children of America                                 (GACA)

                                   "Building Life Skills through Golf"



Golf Academy of America

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About Us

GACA was established in 2011 to support and help children with autism to enhance their social, motor, coordination, and golf skills. Today, approximately 1 in 68 children are afflicted with this disability.  GACA developed a vision to use golf as an activity to facilitate social interaction and skills in children with autism.  Initially founded by Rich Amano and supporters Charlene Marson and Tammy Marson, GACA has targeted core events and activities to execute GACA’s Mission. Currently, GACA is working closely with volunteers to promote and expand of vision of “Building Life Skills Through Golf.”


Hi, I'm Annika. I'm 13 years old and I LOVE GOLF! I've been taking lessons and golfing for about 5 years. Golf has helped me feel happy and included and it has even taught me a lot about life. I tried a lot of other sports but I didn't like it when people were unkind to each other or if it was too noisy or I didn't understand what to do as part of the team. In golf, there is something called "etiquette" which means you are expected to be kind and respectful to each other and there are specific rules about how to behave and what to say. When I golf, I feel like I fit in. I can also take my time and hit the ball when I am ready, not when someone else needs me to act. My coach and parents have used some situations I've had in golf to explain how I can act in real life. I would love to share my love of golf and everything it has given me in my life with other Autistic kids.


GACA is currently in need of parent volunteer(s) to be active advisor(s) and part of our strategic planning team to guide and advise our team in improving our programs for the children.

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