Golf for Autistic Children of America                                 (GACA)

                                   "Building Life Skills through Golf"


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Due to the current Covid Variant Pandemic, no workshops are being held.  Be safe and stay healthy. Look forward to Spring 2023!           

Welcome to Golf for Autistic Children in America, Inc. (GACA - DLN#17053319319031) based in San Diego, CA. GACA is a Not-for-Profit (NFP) 501(c)3 organization created to help children with autism through their formative years. GACA was chartered to use golf as the vehicle to enlighten and teach children with autism the sport, skills, and fenjoyment of golf.  Golf is a wonderful way for children and families to participate in a sport together.  


GACA is building life skills through golf for children with autism. The vision of the organization is to help children with autism to develop life and social skills through golf.


We are now on Amazon Smile for donations.